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Best Under Cabinet Radios Reviews

If you like to cook or spend a lot of time in the kitchen, then you are going to love this. An under cabinet radio will transform cooking time into a more enjoyable time for you and your family. It’s not new technology. Just that it is made in such a way that you can include it into your kitchen furniture easier than a regular radio.

Sony ICFCDK50 Under Cabinet Kitchen CD Clock Radio
Bass reflex sound system for rich, deep bass tones
Built-in audio cable for digital music players
CD player that accepts burned CD-R/RWs
iLive IKBC384S Wireless Bluetooth Under Cabinet
FM radio with 20 preset stations
CD slot that accepts burned CDs
supports Bluetooth pairing with any device, phone or tablet
Sylvania SKCR2713 Under Cabinet Radio, CD player, Bluetooth
Under Cabinet CD, Radio with Bluetooth
LED Display for easy read-out of the time
includes: Mounting Kit and full function remote control

I suppose you don’t like to cook in silence. Who does? But most importantly, maybe you are like me. The thing I hate the most is cleaning the kitchen. And of course, that must be done quite often. It’s a kitchen, after all. It gets dirty every single day. But you know what? Cleaning the kitchen listening to your favorite music or a favorite radio show is way better than silence. An under the cabinet radio is a great alternative to putting on your headphones, don’t you think?

Why will you love an under cabinet radio?

There are various reasons you are going to enjoy this radio. Apart from the obvious ones, of course. Music is something that makes everyone happy. I have never met anyone that doesn’t enjoy it.

  • I am not saying that a regular radio occupies a lot of space, but you have to admit that at times it can get in the way. No space is better than a small place in this case. If you have a busy kitchen, then you know how valuable it is. Pots, appliances, and food take up all the counters and even the island. And you still want to place a radio among all those? That is why an under the cabinet radio is way better. You literally put it under one of the cabinets, and you don’t have to stumble upon it. Ever.
  • A radio is an electrical device. Just stating the obvious here, but do you really want it in the way so you can spill stuff on it? Food will get it dirty and probably ruin it, liquids will surely make it short-circuit. Either way, the radio will get damaged. But given the fact that an under the cabinet radio is above the counter, the only way to spill something on it is if you throw something at it on purpose. I don’t see why would you do that, but it’s the only way how food or liquid will ever reach it.
  • You can focus on cooking. Do you know what is the alternative people have in their kitchens? TVs. Now, a TV may distract you because your tendency is to fixate your eyes on the screen. It’s a reflex. But do you really want to do that while you are chopping vegetables with a big, sharp chef’s knife? Or maybe you are slicing meat with an even sharper knife. You would better watch your hands, wouldn’t you? Radio will not require the attention of you eyes. You can cook safely while enjoying your favorite music.
  • Cooking becomes more entertaining. Silence is often a mood killer, which is why some music may do you some good. You will even increase your productivity, which music can do at times. I don’t know about you, but while I am in the kitchen cooking or cleaning, I like listening to music and suddenly start dancing. It just makes me feel better and somehow encourages me to finish the job faster. That’s just me, but I bet there are a lot of people like me.
  • It relaxes you. Let’s face it. Wherever you may be listening, music can help you relieve some tension. Cooking is not always something you would like to do, like after a hard day at work or when you are tired. But you have to cook for your family, so your best option in keeping yourself sane for the moment is music. An under cabinet radio can help you with that.

How to recognize a good under cabinet radio?

There are some features you must take into consideration before making a purchase. You don’t have to settle for the first thing that pops up in a google search. Do some research. It’s your money, after all. So make sure that you acquire something that is worth your hard work. Here is what you should look for in an under cabinet radio:

  • First things first, does it have a cooking timer? You put it in the kitchen, so it should make itself useful. There are plenty of radios that have this feature, so go for one that has a timer. You will see that it will come in handy when you are baking, for example.
  • Does it have a remote? If not, then forget about it. What is the point in going to the radio every time you want to change the station? A remote is so much better. Also, do you know what people do? They wrap the remote in a clearplastic That way they can use the remote without having to clean their hands every time. When you are cooking, you are bound to get your hands dirty or greasy. Instead of touching the radio with those hands, or having to wash first and waste time, you just use the remote, and you are done with it.
  • Is there a CD slot as well? All the best under cabinet radios have one. It’s an extra that may come in handy sometimes. Maybe you just bought a new CD and wanted to listen to it while cooking. Or perhaps you have just burned some new tunes and want to enjoy them. So say yes to the CD slot.
  • Does it have Bluetooth? Connectivity is everything nowadays. The more advanced the radio, the best the experience you will have with it. Don’t be shy in asking everything from technology.
  • Does it come with a mounting kit? Do you really want to go out and find the right tools to mount the radio? No, you don’t. That is why you should go for an under cabinet radio that comes with all the tools you need to secure it under your kitchen cabinet.

What are the best under cabinet radios?

In the light of what I’ve just said, here are three products that I believe meet all the criteria.

Sony ICFCDK50 Under Cabinet Kitchen CD Clock Radio

Maximize your counter space with this under cabinet radio that will make your kitchen time a lot more enjoyable. It is slim, but the powerful bass and the crystal clear sound will take listening to music to a whole new level.

One of the best features of an under cabinet radio is that it doesn’t occupy a lot of space. The Sony is easy to mount, and it will never be in your way. Your precious counter space will be untouched. Not only that it will not mess with your daily activities, but it will also help you when you need it. The radio has an integrated cooking timer which will come in handy if you keep something in the oven.

You can set up to 15 preset stations, 10 FM, and the other 5 AM. You can even set favorite stations, so you don’t have to search for them each time you turn the radio on. It is very easy to use, no useless buttons or features. A CD-R/RW  Playback is also available. You are going to be able to listen to your favorite CD collection, or maybe you want to burn some tunes of your own. Either way, this radio will be able to play them.

The time will always be kept correctly. You just have to set the time zone and you are done. Even when the power goes off, there is a small battery that will maintain the correct time. I saved the last feature for last. The radio can be remote controlled. But apart from that, the remote is magnetic. You can just stick it to the fridge. It will be easy to keep track of where it is. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon

iLive IKBC384S Wireless Bluetooth Under Cabinet

When it comes to technology, the more features it has, the better the product is. It’s just something I live by. Fortunately, technology becomes more and more accessible, which is why you can find it at a very affordable price.

This model has a lot of useful features that will turn your kitchen into a mini multimedia center. First, there is the FM radio. You can preset 20 stations if you like. The quality of the sound is exceptional. There is also a CD slot which will allow you to listen to CDs you bought, but also the ones you burned yourself. Also, the radio supports Bluetooth pairing with any device, phone or tablet. The range is 33 feet, which is acceptable.

The iLive has built-in speakers, but it also has a 3.5 mm jack port, so you can connect any audio system you like. It has a digital clock, a cooking timer, and buttons for play/pause/pair/repeat. And, of course, volume control. Still, there is also a remote.

Overall, the iLive is a high-quality product that will do its job. It’s small, easy to use, and easy to mount. You will receive the installation kit, you don’t have to improvise or anything. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon

Sylvania SKCR2713 Under Cabinet Radio, CD player, Bluetooth

I always love the fact that I can find the same quality at a smaller price. Some brands sell the exact the same thing for a whole lot less money. You and I both know why. The name costs, but the technology is the same.

The built-in FM tuner will allow you browse through many stations in search for your favorite. However, there is no AM feature available on this model. Cooking and cleaning the kitchen can be boring, but now when you can listen to your favorite music at the same time. Not only that but if you have a favorite CD, you can listen to that as well. The device comes with a CD slot. Moreover, pairing is available through the Bluetooth feature. You can listen to your favorite radio or tunes directly from your phone, laptop, or tablet. Sylvania will connect to almost anything.

You will also see a LED display for you to see the time and set a radio station. Unfortunately, and this counts as a drawback, you can only see the screen if you are looking from a particular angle. Otherwise, you will only see the blue screen with nothing on it. It can be quite annoying. Also, the power cord needs to be carefully positioned in order to get a clear FM signal.

But you must remember that this is one of the best under cabinet radios you can get for this price. The mounting kit arrives with the device, and you will also get a full function remote control. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon

My recommendation

I have to admit that all these products are high-quality and have all the features I am looking for in an under cabinet radio, but there can only be one. That is why I am going to go for the Sony. Not that the rest of them are not good, but Sony already has a name in the industry, and I know for sure that their radio will last a few good years. I have owned devices from Sony before, music playing devices, and they were all excellent.


Spending too much time in the kitchen without any sound around can be maddening. I know I find it annoying. As a matter of fact, all my activities are made better by the sound of music. When I drive, when I work, when I clean, I always like listening to music. Especially when nobody else is home, and I can turn up the volume and dance like a crazy person. Click here to buy on Amazon

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